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Mazaya Recruitment Company is a leading professional agency founded in 2006. We focus on being connected with skilled professional talents as we know the importance of finding decent jobs for them.

We actively contribute to shaping the success of our clients by empowering them to engage with highly skilled and talented professionals who perfectly align with our clients’ specific needs. Our core responsibility revolves around sourcing and identifying exceptionally qualified individuals for our clients, utilizing a meticulous assessment of both candidates’ technical and interpersonal proficiencies, as well as their motivations and needs taking into consideration our client’s background and culture.

Our values represented in respect, teamwork, integrity and understanding reflect positively on how we work with each other, our clients & candidates. We fully understand your needs and are dedicated to helping and supporting you through the whole process from A-Z. We believe in treating others with the same respect and care that we would want for ourselves.

We have built an impressive track record of delivering projects successfully for numerous organizations, meeting deadlines and staying within budget.
Mazaya provides direct hiring, headhunting and full company’s restructure.

  • To keep growing significantly by opening new markets globally, as we continually strive to become the preferred source for clients and talents.
  • To change the perception of recruitment by providing ethical and professional services and making positive impact on clients & talented candidates.

Towards our Clients.

  • The measure of Mazaya’s success lies solely in the satisfaction of our esteemed clients. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver unparalleled, tailor-made services that create mutually beneficial partnerships. Furthermore, we steadfastly uphold our pledge to provide placements and human resources services in the utmost effective and efficient manner possible.

Towards our Talented Candidates:

  • We can only be successful if our talented candidates are the best fit for the available opportunities. We work hard to ensure that selected candidates are satisfied with their new jobs and the working conditions, so they can achieve both their personal and financial goals.

Explore a Faster, Easier,
and Better Job Search

We believe in what we do, have genuine passion, and enthusiasm to achieve super results and keep improving.

We have a very well trained staff who have a long years of experience in recruitment, human resources and development.

Full understanding of our talented candidates’ experiences, qualifications, skills and educational background by conducting initial interviews with them

Commitment to quality as we consider quality as a main success factor

Our services ensure lower cost per hire and boosts hiring efficiency

Our policy is to apply the international recruitment standards in the recruitment process.

Exceeding client’s expectations by fully understanding your needs

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